After years of chronic neck pain, I came to David with hope of getting some physical relief. The results have been more far-reaching than I had hoped. Through somatic awareness and bodywork, David has helped me understand and experience how feelings manifest physical symptoms. As a result, my emotional resilience has grown and I am relieved from pain. In addition to being warm and generous with his time, David is an intuitive and talented listener who creates a safe environment for working through trauma.
—Scott Scherer, Principal at CoreWorks Consulting

David Adams is my first go to SE practitioner who understands the complexities of developmental, motor reflex, movement and bodywork needs. If you have any symptomology that reflects in somatic limitations or pain syndromes, I highly recommend David. If I wasn't a "globetrotting" seminar teacher I would probably see David on a regular basis to keep in optimal health and vitality and to support my constantly emerging self. In the few short sessions we've had, David has help me immensely with both sports injuries and stunted developmental motor reflexes. His integration of somatic therapy is no less than brilliant.
—Maggie Kline, MS, MFT, SEP, Senior Faculty/Psychologist at SETI

I began seeing David Adams out of curiosity. A dear and trustworthy friend of mine had been seeing him for years and so referred me for the experience, knowing I'd be interested. I had had Somatic Experiencing sessions before, but they were nowhere near as profound as what happened that first day, and consistently each time since. David is now a regular part of my emotional-spiritual-mental-somatic self-care and self-development, and I treasure my time with this incredibly talented man. I am freer because of his work. He is gentle and perceptive, in-tune and deeply grounded, innately interested in and accepting of all strata of human-ness, and fierce in his devotion to his clients' wellness. David is a gift to all on their journey.
—Julia Suh, Private Chef

I have been taking sessions with David Adams for at the past 4 years. He has had helped me reconnect the left side of the body due to a stroke. David has a loving and peaceful presence with the way he communicates with my body, which goes beyond logical understanding. He always manages to find and relieve the places in my body that need help. I am always learning new ways of connecting and appreciating my body. Thanks to his wisdom and support, I manage to keep my body balanced and flexible. I especially enjoy the way he closes each session with integrating the whole body.
—Carol Perry, Los Angeles/Argentina

I've been working with David for about 5 years now, and his work is truly transformational. His approach is patient and respectful, and he is always willing to gently challenge any of my self-limiting beliefs, and to help me move to a deeper level. His keen insight into the body-mind-heart connection coupled with his intuitive grasp of the body make him singularly effective. I leave each session with a new insight, a new body release, less tension, more fluidity and a new way of being in my body. I feel more alive, more balanced. And I leave feeling more able to care for my own body with the exercises he gives me to do.

“David is a highly skilled and intuitive Rolfer and SE facilitator. I have had excellent results from our work together. He has skills that exceed other Rolfers or bodyworkers I have been to in the past. David has taught me skills that I am able to use throughout the day. I have also been able to integrate much of this work, with respect to somatic awareness, into the way that I work with my own patients with respect to treating anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder."
—Valerie Johns, M.A., M.F.T

I have referred many patients over the years to David Adams for relief of various complex pain syndrome involving back, neck and shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome and sciatica, and other problems. Patients are most satisfied with Mr. Adams’ work ethics, knowledge, skills and most importantly results. Mr. Adams maintains a healthy curiosity in his field and stays current with continuing education. The results are fantastic considering most patients had given up after many different other therapies - PT, orthopedic treatments, pain management etc. Mr. Adams' work is remarkably effective.
—Karlis Ullis, M.D. Owner/Medical Director, Sports Medicine & Anti Aging

I am amazed at how I have felt after seeing David. A close friend referred him to me after suffering from plantar faciatis for a few years. I didn't know what to expect but the outcome after just 2 visits was truly unbelievable. I wasn't waking up in pain or using my night splint. Also noticed the clenching in my jaw reduce. So many different positive changes happened. He might be an hour away but well worth it. I was so thankful to my friend and David for helping me feel great again and not like an old lady that can't walk without limping in pain. Although insurance does not cover I rather save my money to see him. Very blessed man David. Thank you.
—Claudia G.

My first session with David produced a never before lightness and ease in my neck and shoulders. Further sessions resulted in postural changes- movements in my arms and legs are more natural and light. Through our work together, I’ve gained tremendous awareness of my body. I highly recommend for anybody, who has had physical and emotional injuries, to trust David as he can increase the quality of your life.

David Adams is one of the best body workers around. His knowledge and skills are deep and broad. I've personally benefited from him, as have over a dozen of my friends and colleagues whom I've referred to him. He helped a good friend undo the traumatic effects of a traffic accident and another repair a long time back pain. He is kind and very generous with his time. 5 starts aren’t enough for David. He's fantastic!

I'm only two sessions into my work with David, but I am a true believer. Things that didn't quite seem right in my body have already shifted. Painlessly. And unlike other experiences I've had, these seem to last, which is so exciting for me! I feel completely safe with David and I trust that he has the knowledge and wisdom to support my body getting into greater alignment. I breathe differently as a result of David's work. He is the real deal.  Grateful to him for being willing to share his gifts.
—Becky K.

David is an amazing Rolfer, clinician and listener. I have referred many friends to him and he is exceptional with the level of detail and ability to get to the core issues of tension and biomechanics in the body. I have seen many people for bodywork and David is truly outstanding in his field.
—Jim Z.

"I have known David for many years as both a colleague and practitioner. He is an artist of the body and brilliant at that. I have referred several patients to David and they have been very happy and satisfied with their results. He is unique in his style. I highly recommend using David for his Somatic Integration therapy."
—Dr. Lynn Kerew, D.C.

Since I was 40 I have been in chronic pain and suffered significant degeneration in my neck. I tried several methods to reduce the pain. I visited several chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists to try to stay out of pain. I finally found a chiropractor that could take me out of pain but my visits were frequent sometimes twice a week just to stay out of pain.  I have seen David Adams for the past few months and the results have been astounding. I am largely free of pain and my visits to the chiropractor and massage studio are greatly reduced. My chiropractor stills makes excellent adjustments on me even though my visits are reduced to once a month instead of once a week. I highly recommend David to anyone who can benefit from his expert knowledge on the structural mechanics of the human body.
—James Troyer

I cannot RAVE more highly about David Adams.  He is a miracle worker who works with the body at deep and profound levels.  I originally went to David because I was having tremendous pain in lower back, my hips, and my knees. I would almost limp when I walked, and the more I did yoga, the more I hobbled.  I couldn't get out of bed or stand from a sitting position without a lot pain. I felt like my body was that of an 70 yr old, even though I am only 46 years old. After a series of sessions with David, not only did those initial aches and pains go away, but I feel as if I have a new body.  I'm not sure how David did it, but I stand and walk completely differently. Before, my pelvis was stuck and laterally rotated, I walked with duck feet, I leaned forward when I stood, and my weight was more on the outside of my foot. Now when I stand, my weight is more evenly distributed throughout my foot, I feel more grounded with even a little more weight back in my heels.  When I walk, I have a natural swagger in my hips and shoulders, as opposed to being stuck and being rigid. When I stand, my back has a natural arch (as opposed to being straight), and my posture is tall and comfortable.  My body feels and moves as it were meant to, fluidly, freely and without pain.  Again, I don't know how David did all these things without taking apart my body and putting it back together again.  But like I said, I think that he is a miracle worker.