It is challenging to truly capture the essence of the method for resolving traumatic stress, primarily because it is “experiential” in nature, and a sophisticated and multifaceted approach. Neither brief nor long descriptions do the work justice unless one has already experienced the process within their own body and mind.

The method is sometimes referred to as a psycho-physiological approach, or a body/mind therapy. It draws on the latest cutting edge-scientific research coming from fields of traumatology, neurophysiology and somatic psychology.

David actively utilizes touch in coordination with dialogue while monitoring bodily sensations. While touch is one form of obtaining information; some clients prefer presence without physical contact, as a way of being supported. David enlists numerous skills to inform and support a healing environment.

“Several researchers report how touch enhances therapeutic allianceTherapists congruent, invited, and appropriate non-sexual touch is likely to increase a sense of empathy, sympathy, safety, calm, and comfort for clientsIt can also significantly enhance clients sense of being heard, seen, understood and acknowledged by their therapists. —(Dr. Ofer Zur)

Clients are fully clothed.